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Programs Overview

Julie’s Family Learning Program implements a comprehensive or “total care” approach for each family by providing an array of services such as adult basic education, family literacy, job readiness training, life skills education, family support, counseling, adult and child educational tutoring, and infant, toddler, and Preschool services. Julie’s program design is impacted by the criteria for quality family literacy programs identified by the National Center for Family Literacy, which has four interrelated components: an Early Childhood Component, an Adult Education Component, a Parenting Component, and an Intergenerational Component. This holistic strategy has been proven to be very successful with our families.

Julie’s program reflects the input of the families seeking services, and responds to the multiple barriers that our families face. The program design takes into consideration the infant, toddler and preschool-aged childcare needs of our families, and offers a schedule for classes that is compatible for mothers with school-aged children. Services are provided in a warm, family-friendly environment, with access to free resources such as food, clothing and school supplies that help offset each family’s financial situation. Recreational and cultural activities are also integrated into our family services.

There are three general components to our program (click on each link to be forwarded to that page):

         Adult Services

         Children’s Services

         Family Services