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Executive Director

Robert D. Monahan

Extension: 11


Sr. Louise Kearns, SND

Extension: 12

Sr. Jean Sullivan, SND



Jeanne Feltch

Administrative Assistant
Extension: 10


Sr. Eleanor Clancy, SND

Extension: 14

Adult Services

Ann D’Auria

Director of Adult Services
Extension: 15

Joan Schottenfeld

Adult Education Teacher
Extension: 15

Mary O’Donnell

Adult Education Teacher & Counselor
Extension: 15

Arlene Rivera

Family Advocate
Extension: 16

Sarah Ryan

Life Skills Educator & Counselor
Extension: 42

ABE Program

Anna Fernandez-Buehrens

Program Director
Extension: 34

Dan Collins

Carolyn Decarlo

ABE Instructor

Winslow Holman

ABE Instructor
Extension: 24

Sr. Margaret Lanen, SND

Technology and Reception

Nancy Lee

Christine Lynch

Data and Reception

Deborah Marquardt

ABE Instructor

Denise Myers

ABE Instructor

Sr. LaSalette Ouellett, SBS

ABE Instructor

Children’s Services

Dianne Driscoll

Director of Children’s Services
Extension: 13


Andrea McKunes

Preschool teacher
Extension: 21

Toddler Program

Katheline Diaz

Toddler teacher
Extension: 24

Taylor Lawton

Toddler teacher
Extension: 24

Infant Program

Mary Connolly

Infant Coordinator
Extension: 22

Jennifer McGrath

Infant teacher
Extension: 22