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Executive Director

Robert D. Monahan

Extension: 11


Sr. Louise Kearns, SND

Extension: 12

Sr. Jean Sullivan, SND



Jeanne Feltch

Administrative Assistant
Extension: 10


Sr. Eleanor Clancy, SND

Extension: 14

Adult Services

Ann D’Auria

Director of Adult Services
Extension: 15

Sarah Ryan

Life Skills Educator & Counselor
Extension: 42

Arlene Rivera

Family Advocate
Extension: 16

Mary O’Donnell

Adult Education Teacher
Extension: 15

Nancy Robles

Adult Education Teacher
Extension: 15

Children’s Services

Dianne Driscoll

Director of Children’s Services
Extension: 13


Andrea McKunes

Preschool teacher
Extension: 21

Toddler Program

Katheline Diaz

Toddler teacher
Extension: 24

Taylor Lawton

Toddler teacher
Extension: 24

Infant Program

Mary Connolly

Infant Coordinator
Extension: 22

Jennifer McGrath

Infant teacher
Extension: 22