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Children’s Services

Infant and Toddler Child Development Centers:

Our infant and toddler child development centers are fully licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).  Our child care facilities provide a comprehensive program that combines nurturing and stimulation activities designed to aid in the mental, physical, and emotional development of children between the ages of two months and 2.9 years of age.  Julie’s is currently serving a minimum of forty-two children, and can expand to serving sixty-one children once adequate revenue is in place.

Our staff works with each mother to develop an individualized plan and establishes goals for each child based on his or her abilities.  Staff regularly observe each child’s development and identifies any developmental delays, emotions problems, and/or psychological impairments in order to provide early intervention if necessary.  If such a problem is identified, staff works with the parents to discuss the necessary treatment and follow-up care.  The child is then referred to healthcare providers for proper treatment.

Preschool Program:

Julie’s Preschool is licensed by the EEC.  It functions as both a preschool and family education program.  The Preschool curriculum includes practical life teaching, sensorial teaching, language, and math skills all of which are enhanced by an environment that is purposefully designed for the children to explore and experience hands-on learning.  Different activities are also incorporated into the curriculum in order to strengthen the children’s cognitive abilities such as manipulative play with objects, dramatic play, water play, and sand play.  Since the age of the students in the Preschool ranges from three to six years-old, peer learning and modeling are also an integral part of the classroom teaching.

Parents are included in their children’s learning process through monthly home visits, referrals and follow-ups for children and families in crisis, individual assessments, bimonthly parent education workshops, and onsite parent observation periods.