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Adult Services

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Our ABE classes utilize a “Literacy for Life” curriculum style and philosophy that engages adult learners in multi-level academic classes and life skills education. The curriculum focuses on the development and strengthening of each learner’s English and math skills. Our certified instructors teach the basics of English grammar and spelling and math literacy. The curriculum also incorporates a process approach to writing that enables Julie’s participants to learn how to better express themselves in their writing. Julie’s ABE service operates under the guiding principle that our participants learn most effectively when the curriculum is relevant to their everyday experiences and their short-term and long-term goals.

Life Skills Education:

Our life skills education is designed to help Julie’s mothers develop and improve the skills necessary to build a foundation of love, security, and safety for themselves and their families. There are five components to our life skills education program:

  1. Parenting Classes.   Our parenting classes focus on the skills every parent needs to develop and strengthen. The classes focus on the importance of having an understanding of the following:
    • The ages and stages of child development
    • The need for developing structure and creating boundaries within the family
    • Managing child behavior
    • Exercising positive discipline
    • Cooperation
    • Respecting themselves and others
    • Dealing with school-age children problems
    • Developing a strong self-esteem


  2. Health and Wellness.  Our health and wellness classes teach Julie’s mothers how to develop and maintain both a healthy physical diet and a good mental health for themselves and their children. The content of the classes include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Developing healthy eating habits for themselves and their children
    • Developing the ability to be their own advocate when dealing with healthcare providers
    • The physical, mental, and emotional impacts of stress
    • Signs of depression and how to seek help and work through it
    • Developing an educated awareness of substance use and abuse
    • Gaining an understanding of sexually transmitted diseases and their impact on the body, mind, and emotions


  3. Home Management.  Our home management classes focus on the following:
    • Finding affordable housing
    • Managing a clean and safe home
    • Being your own housing advocate
    • Household financial management (paying bills, buying groceries and clothing, etc.)
    • Time management
    • Interacting with child’s school officials, medical personnel, bill collectors, etc.
  4. Peer Relationships.  Our peer relationship classes focus on developing the social skills of Julie’s mothers. The classes include the following:
    • Gaining a better understanding of what make a relationship
    • Understanding the different stages of relationships
    • Signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Developing communication and listening skills
    • Distinguishing between aggressiveness and assertiveness
  5. Support Groups.  The focus of our support groups is to create a safe and confidential setting for Julie’s mothers to share their worries, questions, and concerns with other learners without fear of a negative reaction. Julie’s mothers are encouraged to create mutually supportive relationships with each other so that they have an outside resource even when Julie’s is not in session.

Job-Readiness Training:

Our job-readiness training is designed to give Julie’s mothers the skills necessary to become gainfully employed and successful at life. The training includes:

  • Job searches
  • Resume development
  • Interviewing skills
  • Instruction and practice of appropriate employee behavior
  • Completion of employment-based competency curriculum

Hiring Results

Julie’s adult alumnae secure jobs in a range of fields including:

  • Education
  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Union workers
  • Childcare workers
  • Public and Social Service

Employment and Career Counseling:

Our employment and career counseling is designed to guide our mothers in their search for a career based on their individual skills and interests. The counseling includes the following:

  • Personal, academic, and vocational assessment testing
  • Career skills development
  • Life-skills education
  • Individually paced computer literacy instruction
  • Small group academic instruction
  • Employment and career goal setting

Computer Literacy:

Our computer literacy curriculum is designed to teach Julie’s mothers how to use the computer as a tool using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and the internet. The curriculum also uses the Expert and Mavis Beacon typing programs in order to teach each student how to type and increase their typing speed. The curriculum is intended to be very practical for our students. They use the computers to do research, write papers, search for jobs, find housing, and a variety of other projects.


Our craft-making service is a part of Julie’s year-round curriculum that helps build their creativity, self-esteem, ability to complete a project, and it improves social functioning with their peers. The finished crafts are often used for gifts to their family members or to decorate their homes. Any sales from the crafts sometimes generate income for individual mothers.

Individual and Family Counseling:

Julie’s, in partnership with the Home for Little Wanderers, provides professional counseling for individuals and families continuously throughout the year. Counseling is a supplemental service that many of our families access to help them work through their emotional and psychological needs, which allows them to focus better on attaining their educational and vocational goals.