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Our current engagement with Social Innovation Forum (SIF) takes Julie’s to the next stage of our organizational development. SIF’s Social Innovator Accelerator cohort for 2017 consists of organizations working for social change across seven distinct issue areas, also known as “tracks,” in Greater Boston and beyond. Julie’s Family Learning Program represents the “Addressing the Disadvantages of Poverty and Adversity in Early Childhood” track, sponsored by Gisela B. Hogan Foundation. The SIF accelerator provides intensive training over a two-year period, including consulting, coaching, and connections to SIF’s network. SIF also offers ongoing support to alumni of the accelerator program. On average, nonprofit organizations in the SIF portfolio more than double their revenue within four years after engaging with SIF, growth significantly higher than state and national rates. In the past year, organizations in the SIF portfolio impacted more than 250,000 lives across a spectrum of social issues including early childhood education, healthy aging, environmental sustainability, homelessness, and the arts.

“This engagement with SIF has the potential to transform and transition Julie’s the next phase of our organizational development. We are now at a significant inflection point where the intersection of our readiness aligns perfectly with this extraordinary opportunity. This requires a significant commitment from staff and board over the next 24 months. We anticipate as a result of this engagement an enhancement in our overall capacity, resulting in better, more just and long term health and wellness for hundreds of currently disadvantaged women and children.”

-Robert D. Monahan, Executive Director.

Additionally we work with Early Intervention providers such as Beacon, Bay Cove and Thom for EI for the children in our program, and we work with clinicians and social workers from The Home for Little Wanderers for counseling and recovery support for our adult learners. We coordinate with DCF and DTA for the families in our care. We are an original participant in the Full Frame Initiative (FFI) which is a national nonprofit that works to break the cycles of poverty and violence through system change  We refer participants for advanced skill building and job placement to Notre Dame Education Center. We receive food assistance from Lovin’ Spoonfuls to feed our families. We participate in Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters to teach our mothers healthy cooking on a budget.  Hands to Heart Yoga works with our preschool children.

We are a member of the South Boston Association of Non Profits (SBANP) here in our own community. We also work with the Executive Service Corps (ESC), the recovery community, and the MA Department of Education and Secondary Education.