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Mission and Outreach

Our Mission

Julie’s is a family support, wellness  and education program that is committed to the development of strong, stable, healthy family functioning. Julie’s provides services that enable poor, at-risk mothers and their children to transform their lives and become healthy, successful and economically self-sufficient members of their communities.

Our Outreach

At Julie’s, we target high risk families, consisting of young, head-of-household mothers and their children. The families arrive here facing multiple challenges such as marginalization, addiction, domestic violence, interrupted schooling, substandard housing, homelessness, unemployment and poor health. We provide 20 different services with a comprehensive and holistic approach, to 200 disadvantaged, low-income young mothers and their children from diverse ethnic and racial communities around Greater Boston.

Each woman and child is looked at individually with a specific service program. We recognize and work to fix the achievement gap between low-income children and their affluent peers. At Julie’s, a child can begin with us at 3 months and continue until age 6, working to avoid the infamous “Early Catastrophe – The 30 million word gap by age 3.” We recognize that quality early education programs increase high school graduation rates and college attendance while also reducing teen pregnancy and crime rates. At Julie’s we work with the mother at the same time as the child – specifically Family Literacy, which 1) empowers mothers to become their child’s first and most important teacher, 2) increases mothers’ knowledge of infant and child brain development and 3) incorporates tools of executive functioning to grow and sustain literacy as a family. We know that low income youth lose more than 2 months of reading achievement over the summer, while middle class peers make gains. We keep the growing going at Julie’s with a six-week summer program for our families.